New Fangled Grilled Cheese

Because I didn’t have enough fondue with Christmas dinner, I needed a late night snack of cheese. (Did I mention all attempts at dieting are on hold?).
I wanted to mix it up a bit, and kinda just went after anything in the fridge
Laurie’s New Fangled Grilled Cheese:
2 slices white bread (target brand)
3 slices kraft american cheese
1/4 small onion
sugar (not sure how much I used, a teaspoon probably)
6 slices pepperoni (hormel)
hot and sweet mustard

I caramelized the onion with sugar, cooking them in butter on low for 20 minutes. Spread one slice of bread with mustard (I think dijon would work well too). Onthe other slice I placed one slice of cheese,layered it with the pepperoni, lay another slice of cheese, layered with onions, another slice of cheese and then the mustard covered bread. I didn’t add more butter to the bread since there was still left over butter in the pan.
Grilled on med-low until cheese was melted and both sides of the bread were golden.
Sat down with it,and YUM!
Next up, my supreme mac and cheese.

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I love Thanksgiving, why? Because I am a total carb fiend! And what is better than stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and pies all at the same time? With enough leftovers to last a week?
We had a great long weekend, the kids were acting sweet and amazing everything was “the best ____ I’ve ever had”, we had lots of hot chocolate with whipped cream, played board games, and just had all around good family time together.
I did however, completely blank on the black friday shopping online, and now have probably missed the greatest bargains in the history of electronics.
It’s ok though. The memories are way worth it.

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I volunteer with a group of school children weekly. This year we have a new student, I think he’s 13 or 14 and I strongly suspect he is somewhere on the autism spectrum. I’ve did some research after the first time I met him, and most of the signs point to that. He has lots of hand movements (that he says he can’t control), he’s completely monotonous (friends call him monotone man), it’s insanely hard to get him to focus on the task, and yet he really gets the things he is responsible for and other students’ things as well (sometimes more than they do), he constantly interrupts others.
I don’t know what to do with him. Do I push him to stick to the task at hand? Do I cut him some slack because he seems to have some other needs? How hard do I push him?
I really think our program is a good thing for him, so I don’t want to scare him off. But I also can’t have him being a distraction to everyone else, and having them get less out of the program.
I’m not finding much in terms of research on older kids with autism, most things I’m finding relate to younger kids or diagnosing it.
Any ideas?

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I’ve been wanting to re-do my bedroom for a few months now. I’ve been in this mode of having to reclaim it from the past and what better way to do that than with a new coat of paint (and a new bed, but that still has to wait for a while). Hemming and hawing and looking at a bazillion paint cards. I finally settled on a color, and picked up the sample pot of it yesterday. So this weekend, I’m going to try it on for size. Yes, there will be photos. Yes, you get to see how messy I live.
Plus I’m curious to see how well I can cover a dark chocolate brown wall without any primer……

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One for my bargain lovahs

So to get out of the blahs I ran off to San Diego for 36 hours. To hang with a dear old friend, listen to some music, eat lots of non-diet food (seriously 3 pies, that’s like one every 12 hours!) and do some shopping.
I preface this with I am not a huge fan of Coach purses, but when faced with a bargain, what do I do? I buy one.
I bought this suede puppy with a really pretty blue interior (really, it was the blue that drew me to it) for $40!

I’m trying to find it online to see what the original price was, the closest I can find is one that has the C all over the side for $195 on Amazon. So if you know Coach stuff, please let me know, part of me is wondering if I ended up buying myself a very expensive fake!

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Feeling the blahs

I’m in a funk. In the funk of funks.
I feel like I’m back in jr. high and awkward and left out of things. I’m involved with my friends and yet feel like they all have this bond that I don’t have with any of them.
At work, I feel like I don’t click with anyone, which is making showing up for work very difficult.
I suspect I’ve been betrayed by an online friend I thought I knew and felt close to.

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