One for my bargain lovahs

So to get out of the blahs I ran off to San Diego for 36 hours. To hang with a dear old friend, listen to some music, eat lots of non-diet food (seriously 3 pies, that’s like one every 12 hours!) and do some shopping.
I preface this with I am not a huge fan of Coach purses, but when faced with a bargain, what do I do? I buy one.
I bought this suede puppy with a really pretty blue interior (really, it was the blue that drew me to it) for $40!

I’m trying to find it online to see what the original price was, the closest I can find is one that has the C all over the side for $195 on Amazon. So if you know Coach stuff, please let me know, part of me is wondering if I ended up buying myself a very expensive fake!


About foodieontheedge

I love food. Good food even. But my skinny jeans haven't fit in 5 years. It's time to get my ass back into them.
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