New Fangled Grilled Cheese

Because I didn’t have enough fondue with Christmas dinner, I needed a late night snack of cheese. (Did I mention all attempts at dieting are on hold?).
I wanted to mix it up a bit, and kinda just went after anything in the fridge
Laurie’s New Fangled Grilled Cheese:
2 slices white bread (target brand)
3 slices kraft american cheese
1/4 small onion
sugar (not sure how much I used, a teaspoon probably)
6 slices pepperoni (hormel)
hot and sweet mustard

I caramelized the onion with sugar, cooking them in butter on low for 20 minutes. Spread one slice of bread with mustard (I think dijon would work well too). Onthe other slice I placed one slice of cheese,layered it with the pepperoni, lay another slice of cheese, layered with onions, another slice of cheese and then the mustard covered bread. I didn’t add more butter to the bread since there was still left over butter in the pan.
Grilled on med-low until cheese was melted and both sides of the bread were golden.
Sat down with it,and YUM!
Next up, my supreme mac and cheese.


About foodieontheedge

I love food. Good food even. But my skinny jeans haven't fit in 5 years. It's time to get my ass back into them.
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One Response to New Fangled Grilled Cheese

  1. Amanda says:

    subtract the onion and that sounds fabulous!

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