About Food Girl

Mid-30-something who always had trouble gaining weight. Then I turned 26.  Suddenly I could only gain and never lose.

I also love food, eating out, cooking elaborate  and rarely healthy meals. I have dinner parties. I make my friends fat. They love it.

But I have clothes I bought 10 years ago that are great. And I haven’t fit into them in 5. First they were a little snug, but those pants would be fine unbuttoned with a loose shirt. Now I can’t get my thighs into them.

I struggle with my own feelings of self-worth. I dress well in a way that hides my buddha belly. Thank you empire tops! But in a bra and panties, I look bad. People always pull the “but you are so skinny, you look great”. People, you have not seen me naked.

It’s not all numbers on a scale. It’s proportion. And I know with my body shape and height, those numbers should be lower. My clothes should not be in the double digits.
And those size 2 leather pants, or my size 4 red work pants? I will dominate you once again.


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